How To win At Scrabble – Easy Tips To Win Scrabble Games


Mainly, scrabble is a word making game in which you have to make titles or words by joining single letters. In addition, two or four persons can play this game and the one who scores more marks by making the right titles. However, the scrabble game is almost similar to puzzle games. But this only difference is that in the puzzle you have to take a picture but in a scrabble game, you have to make new words and titles. In addition, this game is played in almost 121 different countries and has been translated into many different languages.

Scrabble And Word Unscrambler:

Moreover, Word Unscrambler is a tool that is mainly designed to help you in finding the highest-scoring words for your scramble game. Further, the Word Unscrambler tool is created for the word scramble game only. In this manner, there is a major link between scramble and Word Unscrambler. In addition, almost 150 million sets are sold among different countries. The reason why people love this game is that it is a source of fun. In addition, your mind power becomes strong by making words from tiles on the boards.  Further, these games are also available on the internet, so you can also play them online in yours free time.

How To win At Scrabble?

Here, this game is huge fun with your friends and cousins. That’s why your family game night can be a bit competitive if you are willing to play scrabble. However, if you want to beat your opponent cousin or friend, you need proper tricks and ways. For avoid losing, the Word Unscrambler with give you complete help in scoring more and more points. In addition, some other helpful tricks are detailed below which will surely help you to win the game.

  • Avoid Common letters in The Middle Square:

Firstly, if you are willing to win the game, then don’t try to put the common letter in the middle square of the board. Because common letters like vowels are used in almost every word. So, you must avoid using the vowels to make it difficultly for your opponent partner.

  • Try To Use More Letters:

Secondly, for playing perfectly, use more and more letters in your game. Generally, it is seen that each bags has almost 100 squares in it and different letters are written on them. So, if you use more letters, your winning chances increase and your opponent will have less at their disposal. However, you can get any sort of help from the word unscrambler tool while playing scrambler.

  • Never Rely on Double And Triple letters Block:

Thirdly, you do not need to discount double or triple letters. For improving your learning skills, try to use different squares as QI, OX, EX, AX and many more. In this way, you will score 20 points after place squares on the board. However, if anyone wants to become an expert in this game, then he/she must memorize all the list of these letters. But you need to spell English letters as Greek because both have almost the same sound expression.

  • Hot Spots:

Now, if you facing the chances of losing, try to take another risk there. Further, make a proper plan and try to jump off those points where your hitting chances are more like hot spots. In addition, triple letter score block on the board can be helpful sometimes but it can also lose your game. In this way, triple letter score squares are risky because they can break or make your whole game. So, to stay safe, try to use high-value letters in your turn like Q, Z, X, J for getting a perfect boost in your game.

  • Look for Hook Letters:

After that, a single letter can easily make or break your game. But in most cases, a single letter refers you to create additional words from the previous ones. That’s why you must look for the hook letters. For instance, a single word letter can change the word LUSH to BLUSH and ICE to ICED. In this way, you will get more scores by placing only one letter on the board. That’s how you will score 20 extra points easily.

  • Use Prefixes And Suffixes:

The use of prefixes and suffixes is another secret trick to beat your opponent. As they are used in many words structure so they will help anyone to make their game more competitive. As prefixes and suffixes are used in the beginning and end of a common word. For instance, a few examples are there like ING, UN, ANTI, ER, RE and DIS. Likewise, the word PLEASENT is changes into UNPLEASANT and the word COME changes to COMING. However, Word Unscrambler is a better way of finding words.

  • Use The Letter S or ES in Your Game:

Here, adding S and ES to your words will help you to score more marks. In addition, it is the easiest and useful trick to beat your partner. As S and ES are some as easy to add because they can fit in every word, but don’t try to waste your chance. Mainly, S and ES are the best joint letters in the pack of squares but remember that they are only four squares of these letters in the bag. So, try to use them wisely against your opponent partner.

  • Try To Control The Board:

Thereby, playing with more squares and making big words in your turn will open the board up. In this way, the board create more square opportunities for you. At this point, you need to take more and more advantage. However, take care of the opening and closing of the board and never let your opponent friend or cousin enjoy the same advantage. Otherwise, he/she will surely win. But you can avoid this by using parallel words and shut your opponent off from building big words.


In the end, it is noticed that Word Unscrambler will allow you to find the best way of cheats in getting the exact words in the word Scramble game . In addition, Word Unscrambler will help you to score high marks in your games. In this way, you can easily win the game against your opponent. However, all the above-mentioned tricks are also helpful for you if you learn them.